Admission & Fee

School admits students from class Nursery to XII standard. Admission in the school takes place every year in the month of March .All the students who are seeking admission are required to get their names registered from 1st Dec – 31Ist Dec of the preceding year through the prospectus . Admission test for L.K.G onwards is conducted in the last week of March every year. Nursery classes start from March.
If the name of the student is struck off due to non-payment of dues or on account of absence without leave for five consecutive days his/her re-admission depends entirely on the discretion of the Principal. If allowed, the child has to pay re-admission fees and arrears due.
Fee Schedule
Fee must be paid in advance for three months in the school office by the parents /guardians as per schedule mentioned in the fee booklet .Parents can also pay their ward’s fee for the complete session, well in advance.
1. Fees will be paid quarterly during 1st to 10th of April, July, October and January.
2. Parents are advised to get the receipt of fee and every payment from the school.
3. Fee once paid will not be refunded.
4. Fine will be charged after 10th of t he month for late fee.
5. The name of the child will be struck off if the fee is late by one quarter.