Guru Angad Dev Public School, Jalandhar is often described as the best school in Jalandhar . Such a claim is impossible to verify, but there is at least some justification in this widely acknowledged fact.

The school is the brainchild of S.Ajit Singh Kalra, its president. He established  this school shortly  after  his arrival in the educational field and it is from his idea and far sightedness that  this seed planted  in the year 2002 has grown up to become a full fledged  tree with  strong roots in a short span of nine years . Very little was known about the school in the early years of its existence. Despite this obscurity, this prestigious school feels it is rightly associated with its predecessors and there are glass windows commemorating former pupils.

The fully documented history of the school started in 2002 with the blessings of the Gurus. This school quickly established its reputation, not least thanks to its president and a number of former pupils. The school, surviving all odds its way, remained a success and achieved its wider fame under the guidelines of our honorable chairperson, S.Ajit Singh Kalra. Now this school, with its progress and prosperity, has acclaimed national fame and reputation. With new academic and co-curricular facilities, educational standards have been raised.

One other aspect of its development was the growth of organized sports and games with cricket, basketball, dodge ball, volleyball and athletics being the most important. These games are practiced regularly .Keeping in forefront the overall development of the students, a balance between studies and co-curricular and extra – curricular activities is maintained.

Through his dynamism and financial skills, Mr.President saw this school expand in numbers from about 44 to the present strength of 550 pupils in a very short span. Above all, the school has grown in reputation, thanks to its academic, cultural and sporting success. It is no surprise  that  the modern Guru Angad Dev Public School has achieved  fame in a variety  of fields  including  literature , business , journalism , science and education  in this  country  .

In the recent years, this development and modernization has continued apace. In fact, Mr.Chairperson recognized the need for a top-ranked and distinctive school in India. He realized that the modern scenario would require the young leaders trained in the minces of transitional economics, yet exposed to global perspective. The vision of the founders  was to create  a school  that was  different in many  ways – with innovative academic  programmes  and a  world class  yet affordable  overall  value proposition . The founders inspired the very best in academia to see his vision and join his cause.

This school has set up the standards of excellence, with particular focus on the issues relevant to the all round development of the pupils. Mr.Chairperson works closely  with the whole  educational  structure  through conferences , seminars  and workshops ,creating a vibrant environment  at the school .

Last not least, the most significant factor about the school is that it has been fully co-educational, still maintaining the standards of morality.